Homes for Seniors in The Upper Cumberland Area

D.B. Greenman
"As discussed, I am writing to provide you with some hands on experience with Caring Homes for Seniors. As you know, the director is Sandy Amaral. I first became acquainted with Sandy and Caring Homes for Seniors through a referral from Attorney Martha Ramsey. I had sought advice from her regarding estate preservation last October, as my dad was facing the prospect of nursing care. It was a time ... Read more
Mary F. Riordan
"We found Caring Homes for Seniors after my 87-year-old father suffered a stroke in January 1996, and had spent several months in a rehab hospital and then a nursing home. The stroke left him paralyzed and in a wheelchair; in addition, there was significant mental impairment, and we were told that a nursing home was our only option. Dad thought that the nursing home stay would be temporary. When he began ... Read more
Christine M. Davis
"I can not say enough good things about Caring Homes for Seniors. Dad expressed the concept pretty well on Christmas, 2001 at the evening meal. Our caretakers, the Rivera family, had gone to New Jersey to be with relatives for a few days and my husband Tom and I were taking care of dad at their home. We prepared an evening meal for all 7 of us for their return home. As we wheeled dad out to the ... Read more