Private Home Care in The Upper Cumberland Area

Caring Homes for Seniors
aka Caregivers for the Elderly
Everyone's first choice is to stay at home, but when that is not possible we are a nice alternative. Caregivers For The Elderly Placement is a small but growing network of private homes in the Upper Cumberland area of TN providing Alternative Living In A Family Setting.

We at Caregivers For The Elderly Placement open our homes to individuals with physical and/or cognitive impairments, chronic, progressive diseases or are in hospice care. We provide a safe nurturing environment with 24-hour supervision in a family setting.
holding hands — nursing home in Cookeville, TN

CARING is an important part of every service we provide.
Are YOU are a potential Resident or Caregiver?

We Offer:
  • Respite or long-term care in a carefully selected family home.
  • A choice of private or shared room, with your own furnishings, TV, and treasures.
  • An end to the loneliness and worry of living alone.
  • Around-the-clock assistance available as needed.
  • Supervised medication
D.B. Greenman
"As discussed, I am writing to provide you with some hands on experience with Caring Homes for Seniors. As you know, the director is Sandy Amaral. I first became acquainted with Sandy and Caring Homes for Seniors through a referral from Attorney Martha Ramsey...
More Resident Benefits
  • You will become an integral part of the CARING HOMES' family, sharing meals, some outings and activities.
  • Your own family members and friends are welcome to drop in at reasonable hours.
  • Your individual food preferences and dietary needs will have special attention.
  • Oversee medical care.
Caregivers Needed
Join the network of private homes in the Upper Cumberland area that provide long term medical support and financial compensation. We are looking for caring and compassionate people who are willing to open their home up to someone in need of assistance.